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Posted on: October 21, 2008 6:38 pm
Edited on: December 25, 2008 10:57 pm

Lakers Season Preview


Kobe Bryant

He is the greatest player in the league. We don’t need him to score as much this year, but even I have to admit that we’ll need him to bail us out time to time. I look for him to make a run for DPOY. I'm not joking. Should he be the Mamba or the Doberman?

Derek Fisher

I call him ‘old reliable’. He gives an amazing effort every night, and completes the most clutch backcourt in the league. He can hit big shots, and he is the rock to this team. I think he should start passing the torch to Jordan Farmar.

Jordan Farmar

One of the most gifted guards in the league. I’m serious. He has blazing speed, athletic, and a sick vertical leap. His game seems erratic at times, though. He needs to learn how to calm down and let the game come to him, and grow up essentially. I met him once, and he seemed pretty snobby, so Phil should start whipping some sense into him.

Sasha Vujacic

The Machine! I’m worried about him coming back from the sprained ankle too soon. Phil said that he’s still limping in practice. Take your time Sasha!
He brings a source of points and shooting off the bench, and he plays tenacious D, which comes back to bite him at times. See the Finals. He and Farmar both have to have that ‘growing up’ lesson.

Sun Yue

Long way to go for him. Doesn't look like a true PG. My guess is that it's the nerves that is getting to him.
Some seasoning in the D-League this year and some garbage time under his belt should fix him.
But I believe that he is a 2-guard.


Pau Gasol

We need the POW that showed up during the Olympics. Banging for boards, getting put backs, etc. He’s going to get that open 15 footer the whole season with Bynum clogging the paint, and he can knock it down. I also look for him to set up ‘Drew for some bangers while teams try to stop Pau. Question for him is if he can guard some of the smaller PF's.

Lamar Odom

He should be the starter. I don’t care if he can’t shoot or is out of shape. He is too versatile to keep that on the bench. If we start Vladimir, we have no passers on the floor, nobody to run the triangle, nobody on the perimeter who can cut and slip past the defense and get a pass from Andrew or Pau for a layup in traffic. If we start Trevor, we have nobody to knock down an open 15 footer while the defense is collapsing on the post, and we all know nobody is going to leave Kobe Bryant wide open. He can guard 3 positions, a bigger 2 guard, a 3, and even a 4. He would be a great matchup against Ray Allen, who can’t rain those 3’s over his long arms. If we start Luke, he would get nervous, turn the ball over, miss a layup, etc. He is our absolute best small forward. Don’t trade him either.

Since it doesn't look like he's going to start, welcome to the Bench Mob Lamar.

Trevor Ariza

Can dunk on anyone, guard anyone on the perimeter, and is fast. That’s all. Can’t shoot the ball or pass it. He should be our #1 backup to Lamar, and even sub in at the 2 if Sasha gets hurt again. Hit the gym and shoot a thousand jumpers Trevor!
We're going to need him to guard some of the better perimeter players in the playoffs.

Vladimir Radmanovic

Borat! Also a source of points off the bench, but can’t post up to save his damn life. Did anyone else see him unable to post a 6’0 PG by the name of Anthony Carter in the first round? How are you 6’10 and not able to post a point guard? That is embarrassing. He’s not a PF, he gets owned by bigger people in the box. If he stays 15 feet out and minds his business, we should be fine. And please, Phil, don’t put him on Paul Pierce again.

Looks like he's the starting SF. Let's pray for some improvements.

Luke Walton

I thought he would be one of the better all around players in the league a few years ago, when he was the 2nd leading scorer on the team. His problem is mental. He has the IQ, the skill, the ability, but he lost his drive and determination after getting hurt. I hope he comes back strong and makes the bench mob even better.

Josh Powell

He is the Lakers' replacement for Turiaf. A great rebounder, defender, and is going to serve as the backup for Pau. He can knock down a fifteen foot jumper, and look for him to get big minutes in the playoffs guarding big men like Amare, Shaq, Duncan, and even Garnett in the finals.


Andrew Bynum

Completes the tandem named ‘Bryant’s Giants’. He’s the alpha dog of the paint, and sometimes that can be a problem. This preseason, he has shown that he will refuse to pass the ball once he gets it in the post. If he learns to pass the ball, we will be unstoppable, since they can’t double both Pau and Andrew, and if they do, Kobe is either open or in a one on one situation, which can be effective if he passes the ball. He’s going to dominate KG.

Chris Mihm

Good to see him back to normal. He’ll serve as Big ‘Drew’s backup, and he should bring about a new life and energy to himself after missing almost two seasons.

D.J. Mbenga

The absolute most hilarious player on the team. I'm thinking that they pay him for comic relief.
Well Mbenga is another much needed presence in the paint for us. Can rebound, defend, and is athletic.
He loves to score, too, which can help us some when teams ignore him to guard our other threats.

Our starting 5:
PG – Derek Fisher
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – Vladimir Radmanovic
PF – Pau Gasol
C – Andrew Bynum

They are now the best starting 5 in the NBA. Even with or without Lamar Odom starting. If he doesn’t, he is not going to win the 6th man of the year. That is a scoring award, plain and simple.

The Bench Mob:

They should be the ones jumping up and down on the sideline, getting the crowd fired up and lighting a fire under the starters when they start slumping.

They're also a nice alterative to our starting 5, who has a slower, more powerful game.
While the bench loves to run and get steals, it can help push some leads while the starters are getting a breather.


I predict them to go 60-22 and win the west.
They’ll face the Hornets in the WCF, and win in maybe 5 or 6 games.
They will face the Celtics in the finals and win that in 6. It should be on our home floor.

My Blood Runs Purple and Gold.

Peace and much Love to You.
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