Posted on: February 18, 2009 12:31 am
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Clippers ---> Week 17


They got absolutely humiliated against the Suns. I'm going to go into that in the game analysis.

However, I do find it embarassing that this team seems like they need to be babied, like a high school team.

They don't won't stay motivated, play recklessly, complain, all that high school crap that was supposed to be out of your system in college.

But no, I have to say they're holding up the reputation of the Clippers by getting destroyed like this. I give them that.


Clips, just get a lottery pick, stay healthy, and at least TRY to win 40 games next year. damn.



Games for this Week: (0-3)13-43



Feb 17th @ Pheonix ---> Lost 100-140



Here we go. What kind of bs is this? First of all, you shoot 43%. You get ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED on the boards, 50+ to around 20. You turn the ball over 20+ times. I'm suprised this team got 100 points. Honestly.

Now, the defense.

Grant Hill, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Leonardo Barbosa all got 20+ points in around 20-25 minutes. 67 points in 70 minutes between a star and 2 role players. Shaq didn't miss one shot or free throw in 21 minutes. Steve Nash had 10 assists in 25 minutes.

One would think that with the reserves in, the Clips would climb back within a reasonable margin, but guys like Dragic, Barnes, and Admunson just executed them to death and embarassed the Clippers. Embarassed them. At least Eric had a nice game.

This was a Suns team without Jason Richardson, with a new head coach, and a WORLD of troubles surrounding the team, and the Clips were supposed to jump on it, but with Camby out with an ear infection, and Z-Bo getting himself ejected in the first quarter, they quit on the game and couldn't stand a chance. Game over.





Feb 18th vs. Suns ---> Lost 119-142

Terrble Performance. You would think that they would have the presence of mind to adjust their defense to play the same team they played a night before, and they probably tried to. But when execution is non-existent, it's like not preparing at all.






Feb 22nd @ Portland ---> Lost 87-116

The Clips had a shortage of big men, and the Blazers surely took advantage of it, out-rebounding the Clips by 18, and out-assisting them by 21 thanks to Steve Blake's 17 assists. The Blazers shot 50+% and the Clips shot in the 30s, they got to the line 31 times, but that doesn't matter when you make only 29 field goals.

Before Z-Bo and Baron came back, the problem was offense, but now, it's defense. Is this sending a sign that the stars need to buckle down on defense too?




Quote(s) of the Week ---> Baron Davis


We just got dominated out there.


Peace! And Much Love To You.



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