Posted on: February 25, 2009 6:36 pm
Edited on: March 13, 2009 6:02 pm

Clippers ---> Week 18

What's left?

I'd rather have the Clippers land a top pick over them winning enough games to get a low-end lottery pick, because it always seems that this team is cursed with injuries. CURSED. Maybe it's because Dunleavy refuses to play his bench? Or the starters try too hard? Who knows?


With the unpredictable season, and the one win, 5 losses, pattern this team has followed, I wouldn't be surprised if a 7-10 game losing streak comes about after a win up in Oakland.


Busy week this week, and a back to back to end it...at least they don't leave California.


25 games left in the season.


Games for this Week: (2-2)15-45



Feb 23rd vs. Warriors ---> Won 118-105



Pleasantly surprised. Held a potent offensive team to just 105, and that's saying something for the Clippers. They went to a 4-guard lineup, against a small team, and it really improved their ball movement, as they won the assist battle 30-23, and had 5 people with 4+ assists, topped off by Baron's near triple double. With Cambyman and Ricky-D off the bench, the bench had some nice spark, and the starters didn't have to play 40+ minutes, but they were still up there.

Nice to see Mike Taylor coming in towards the end. But they can't be too happy about this win, they have a big one Wednesday.





Feb 25th vs. Celtics ---> Won 93-91

Now we see what the Clips are really made of, as they have an oppurtunity to tell the basketball world that they are serious about salvaging their season. Boston is in a pressure situation, themselves. If they lose this game, there will be a world of doubt in their locker room, and writers galore will mention that they are nothing without KG. The Clips need to take advantage, and play a smart game, full of effort, and being at home helps. There will be loads of boos for the Celtics, especially in L.A.

Can they do it tonight?


25 pts - 9 rebs -10 asts - 4 stls                27 pts - 7 rebs - 5 asts                        27 pts - 11 rebs - 2 blks               



Feb 27th @ Sacramento ---> Lost 86-98

A difference between these two teams is their in-division record. The Clips haven't beaten the Lakers, Suns, Warriors, or Kings this season until the win monday night, and the Kings have got 5 wins in the divison, despite having a lower record than the Clips. Time to get that second win.

The Kings have a lot of new faces, and Nocioni played well the last game and looks to be easing in quite smoothly. Kevin Martin is still a huge threat, and Spencer Hawes can't be allowed to have a breakout game on them. Defense is the key.

1-11 vs 5-4.


Feb 28th vs. Bobcats ---> Lost 95-100

Charlotte is a team that's looking to gather must-wins together in order to get in contention for the playoffs, and they look to come into Staples to get a win closer to a playoff berth. They expect to blow the Clippers out on their home floor.

Don't let it happen.


Quote(s) of the Week ---> TBA


Peace! And Much Love To You.


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