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Blake Griffin 'The Savior'

Upon Blake Griffin's arrival in Los Angeles, pressure has been placed upon him to seemingly single-handedly turn around a lowly franchise in the Clippers into an immediate playoff contender this season. However, Blake shys away from that role, as he just wants to please his teammates, and work as hard as he can. He believes that the uplifting of the Clippers will be a team effort, not a single player's.

I don't have to be a savior.
I don't have to be something I'm not. There are so many guys that can help me.
- LA Times

On his future, Coach Dunleavy realized early that he's going to need a lot of room to run and learn the game in order to become the player that he can be. He knows that the time is now to turn the team around, which needs to mirror what he did in Oklahoma, which was turn a 16-15, a .500 program, into an elite eight team, nearly doubling the teams win total from the year before.
That's definitely the goal.
The goal is to come in here and try. We don't want to be complacent with where we're at.

But I don't want to overstep my bounds.

- LA Times

He has been on record stating that he hopes for the Clippers to make the playoffs, and that he hopes for his name to be considered in the rookie of the year.Dunleavy has also spoken on Blake's future improvement: He'll have a big leash," Dunleavy said. "Let him run. If he gets tired, we'll pull him back in.


I feel like he's a cross between Charles Barkley and Tim Duncan.
He's bigger than Barkley, but he has the quick first step like Barkley, the explosion like Barkley, the big hands like Barkley. He's got the size, the demeanor of a Tim Duncan, the work ethic

Even though Blake is a tad smaller than most Power Forwards in this league, everyone that has met him, and seen him play, always say that there's something special about him, that he can overcome his doubts that are placed upon him and become a superstar, something the Clips desperately need in order to bring their franchise to prominence after decades upon decades of mockery and failure.

People hope that he can bring about an end to the constant sour mood that seems to fill the Clippers locker room, as the taste of defeat and embarassment is too familiar in the mouths and hearts of the Clippers.

Blake has been in the gym working out every day, at around 10 am each morning, saying that "it's a business" and "this is my job now".

He's been doing his rookie duties, which Eric Gordon says consists of daily deliveries of Starbucks and donuts, Gatorade and Towels, rebounding for guys that are working on their jumpers [Mike Taylor], and doing whatever the veterans tell him to. He's the new Rook in town.

Zach Randolph traded to Memphis                                                       

- In a purely economic move, and thinking ahead for the future, the Los Angeles Clippers traded Zach Randolph to the Memphis Grizzlies for Quentin Richardson.

Zach Randolph is a terrific player, but will most likely not be the greatest teammate possible for Blake Griffin, and has a chance to impede on Blake's progress as a basketball player. Quentin is most likely a short-term replacement for free agent Steve Novak, and is a big expiring contract which allows the Clippers to play their hand in the looming Free Agent period of 2010. Now, the Grizzlies have a logjam with Marc Gasol, Hasheem Thabeet, and Zach Randolph all needing decent playing time, which will probably conclude with Thabeet coming off of the bench and playing 20 minutes a game. I bet they wish they took a point guard now.

Looking Ahead

Projected Lineup:
PG - Baron Davis
SG - Eric Gordon
SF - Al Thorton
PF - Blake Griffin
C - Chris Kaman


PG - Mike Taylor
SG - Quentin Richardson
SF - Ricky Davis
PF - Marcus Camby
C -  DeAndre Jordan

If young guys off the bench like Mike Taylor and DeAndre improve their games, and if the team STAYS HEALTHY, we can see the Clips fighting for an 8th seed come March. We'll see if Blake can turn their fortunes around.

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Clippers ---> Week 13


After one tiny little win, the Clips come back against another lottery team, the T-Wolves, and lay one of the biggest eggs of the season.
They lost what let them win that game against the Bucks..BALL MOVEMENT .

They play great defense, due to the athletic freaks they have on the roster, but Dunleavy's system isn't meant for a bunch of young guys who aren't able to create their own shot out of an iso, not yet. If they can get out on the floor, and run their offense essentially like D'Antoni, they can make the playoffs, count on it. But they're playing offense like the Spurs, who have a bunch of old guys that run methodically up and down the court.

This team can be 10x better if they get out and run with the ball, pass it, cut to the basket..you see what DeAndre Jordan did???
Thorton, Camby, Ricky Davis, Fred Jones, the list goes on and on of ATHLETES that would average 20 ppg with a fast-break system.
They play great defense because they utilize their athleticism to alter shots, block shots, and get steals.
What's Dunleavy's problem? If they can do that on DEFENSE, imagine how much they could do on offense..they wouldn't need to leave their starters out their for forever..and with Eric Gordon to complement the run game, he can still get his shots in, but wide open. Same goes with Novak.
They're getting noticed in my book.


Games for this Week:

Jan 19th vs. Timberwolves
---> Lost 86-94

No balanced scoring. No ball movement.

Without Baron and Zach, they will win 1 out of 10 games. But DeAndre Jordan had a coming out party..damn!
Novak too. They showed up tonight, but again, it's the system that fails this hurt Clipper team.

25 pts - 52% FGs                                 8 pts - 10 rebs - 6 blks                                  18 pts - 60% FGs

Jan 21st vs. Lakers
---> Lost 97-108

A good effort against an elite team. DeAndre & Steve have been taking advantage of missing players and have been causing teams fits of late.

Good signs in that Laker game, even though I would like to see them crack 100 points.


23 pts - 11-13 FGs - 12 rebs - 4 blks                20 pts - 4 asts

Jan 23rd vs. Thunder --- > Won 107-104

Rick Davs -- 0-6, 1 pont. DeAndre Jordan -- 1-1, 3 points. Cheik Samb -- 1-7, 2 points. Mardy Collins played only 4 minutes before he was hurt.


How did they win and survive 46 points from Kevin Durant? Check below:


        41 pts                                                 34 pts


Jan 25th @ Golden State
---> Lost 92-107

Kind of embarassing that you couldn't put up 100 points against a Don Nelson coached team. At least they held them to only 107.

With only 8 players in uni, I can't say I'm surprised.

    21 pts - 5 asts                                       15 pts - 7 asts

Quote(s) of the Week
---> Coach Dunleavy

I don't even know when the last time we played them healthy

Peace! And Much Love To You.

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