Posted on: March 13, 2009 6:16 pm

Clippers ---> Week 20

Sorry for missing a week. Midterms and Finals.












Games for this Week: (0-1)15-49

March 10th vs. Cavaliers ---> Lost 83-87

Without a true closer to go to, even though Baron Davis SHOULD be it, and Eric is too inexpierenced, the Clips lost a game they should have easily won, especially with that big of a lead.


Coach Dunleavy showed truly how dumb he is down the stretch, playing Kaman during the whole Cleveland run, preferring someone in their first game back after missing 50 than the Cambyman, who has been amazing this year.


Damn shame how this game ended.



March 14th @ Denver

Tough team to rebound against, but anything is possible.


March 15th vs. Nets

The team is selling tickets by hyping up Vince Carter, rather than their own team.."hey, watch us get owned by Vince Carter"



Quote(s) of the Week ---> TBA



Peace! And Much Love to You.


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