Posted on: February 2, 2009 5:02 pm
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Clippers ---> Week 15

January -- 2 Wins                                       


Need I say more? This team is a bunch of helpless children without their stars playing. That includes the Coach.

Someone help them..they've been the spot for injuries and boredom ever since the year they made it to the sec

ond round..and the D-Miles, Q-Rich, hi-fly Clips in the early 2000s.

They capped off the month with a loss to the worst team in the league, the Washington Wizards.


At least Baron and Marcus and back, and Zach is closer to a return..as for Chris...eh..who knows?


4 games this week, and I think they're losing all four..all on the road too.

#1 pick, here we come!!!!!




Games for this Week: (2-2)12-39


Feb 2nd @ Miami ---> Lost 95-119

Don't tell me you plan to give up 119 and win a game with the kind of offense you've been playing.

Say it ain't so.


They were outrebounded by 10+, and shooting 43% while giving up 50+ isn't going to get you any wins in this league.

D-Wade destroyed whoever he was guarding, and their starting guards almost cracked 10 assists EACH, plus Beasley came off the bench to add efficient scoring.


The Clips? Hey, Z-Bo is back!

22 pts - 7-7 FT


Feb 4th @ Orlando ---> Lost 96-125

When you get out-rebounded and out-shot, you're not going to win...embarassing to get blown out like that.

They have to start scoring.



Feb 6th @ Memphis ---> Won 126-105

They're back. What a win for the Clips!!

Ricky Davis came on strong, and they defended and rebounded enough for them to keep the Grizzlies out of the game.

Amazing win. Hopefully they can keep this going.


24 pts - 6-10 3ptFGs              23 pts - 8-8 FT                     35 pts - 10 rebs


Feb 7th @ Atlanta ---> Won 121-97

I would have never thought that this team could even SNEAK out a win in Atlanta.

But, they actually blew them out on their home floor. The Clips are back. A little too late, but back nonetheless.



31 pts - 7 rebs - 6 asts          25 pts - 9 rebs


Quote(s) of the Week ---> Coach Dunleavy


Tonight was as close as we've been to our normal rotation


Peace! And Much Love To You.


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