Posted on: February 9, 2009 6:15 pm
Edited on: February 18, 2009 12:34 am

Clippers ---> Week 16

They're back.

Too late, but back nonetheless..two huge victories last week has this team on cloud 9, and with Kaman and Collins due back after the break, they can only get higher.


Only two games this week, due to the all star break, so two wins would add the greatest momentum to the team.


Knicks and Bobcats are two sub-.500 teams, which they should beat.

Undefeated for a week? Rest will do this team some good.


See you next week Chris and Mardy!! But now, Clips got some business to handle.


Let's do it.







Games for this Week: (1-1)13-40

Feb 9th @ Charlotte ---> Lost 73-94

73 points is a damn shame. A normal team scores that after THREE quarters!!! Why is it that the Clips are the team that coaches try stuff out on? Vlad was in the lineup for the Cats, and Emeka had his first start a PF since last year, but they get shut down on offense and couldn't pull away with a damn victory after keeping it close all game.


The story of this team. About ten straight losses, two, three wins in a row, and then look like a high school team again. I'm actually surprised that they didn't crack 40 last month. At least they didn't alow 150 points. But shooting 39% and 58% from the stripe isn't going to let you win.





20 pts - 10 rebs - 4 asts

Feb 11th vs. Knicks ---> Won 128-124

Hello, inconsistent. Usually the Clips play decent defense, and rarely score, but for the first time in a long while, the Clips won a shootout. Clips got the stops when they needed to, and shot 51% from the field, with 15 three pointers made and a ridiculous 40 assists.


Scoring and passing like this is the key to winning in this league, but this kind of defense is not going to cut it, when you let their little point guard, Nate Robinson, but up 33-15-9-5, with only one turnover! Come on!

But Baron Davis nicely countered him with 20 dimes, and capped off the game with a big 3..let's hope they keep this going after the all star break.


22 pts - 15 rebs         20 pts - 8 rebs         30 pts - 5 asts - 2 blks              13 points - 20 asts                23 pts - 7 rebs




Quote(s) of the Week ---> Eric Gordon

We definitely needed to find some momentum before the All-Star break, we got our guys back together and we're starting to get the chemistry back. 



Peace! And Much Love To You.


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