Posted on: May 23, 2009 5:05 am
Edited on: May 23, 2009 3:44 pm

Clippers win SOMETHING for once

So we've all heard the news. The other team in Los Angeles has won the lottery[again], and recieved the first pick of the 2009 NBA draft.

Now, with every gift and privledge, there comes a price to pay. Every 1st pick is not a no-brainer, even in this draft, and the Clippers have a big, difficult choice to make here:

1. If they do draft Blake Griffin, one or two of the Camby/Kaman/Randolph trio, MUST LEAVE . And having Zach and Blake down low won't help out the Clips on defense, by the way. Even if the Clips have four potential all star big men, a crowded backcourt full of veterans expecting playtime and a rookie with mounds of potential isn't a good thing to have on a team, obviously. Camby/Kaman/Z-Bo expect to get good minutes every night.

2. If they draft Rubio, how does that affect Baron Davis? This may be the better short course way for the team, because a nucleus of Thorton, Gordon, and Rubio can combine for 60 points and 20 assists if they develop as planned...at least 100 points between the three. Hey, maybe even DeAndre Jordan comes back as a beast and evolves into the Clippers' own Dwight Howard. It is highly possible. And Baron is FAT contract to offload on a team for a combo of young talent/cash/picks, etc.

3. If they trade down, and take a lesser known talent, they are best advised to not pull a Browns in this year's NFL draft and get much less than valued for their pick. Hell, they can trade Baron and their pick to OKC[who needs a big] for westbrook and their pick, even. It's a long shot, but hey, I can dream.

It's time for Mike Dunleavy to show up and do his job. The Clips have to come out of this offseason with more than they left with the last game of the season. Now, rehab, work out, and build up strength/stamina so there are less injuries next year. DeAndre, come back strong, and Mike, please run more next year.

Is it sad that I can't imagine Blake Griffin in a Clipper uniform?

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